Anti-COVID19 – Health-Care and Hospital

The Wallflex® aluminum structural panel, thanks to its structure and versatility, has the ability to be suitable for any environment and situation.

Nowadays, where the watchword is sanitizing and cleaning, the Wallflex® Panel is perfect. 5W srl manufactures aluminum panels with only a minimum quantity of polyurethane adhesive per square meter; the exposed outer skin can be easily, completely, cleaned and that makes it free from most of viruses and bacteria.

Being a primerized product, it is also extremely resistant to corrosion even in a marine environment. The external coating of the Wallflex® Panel can further increase its cleanability and sanitization characteristics: thus are born different families of panels that can be used for ceilings, floors, walls and furnishing accessories.

  •  Wallflex® + SSM panel (commonly used in the medical field)
  • Wallflex® panel + 316/304 STAINLESS STEEL
  • Wallflex® panel + 316/304 PAINTED STAINLESS STEEL
  • Wallflex® panel + ANTIBACTERIAL PAINT
  • Wallflex® panel + SHEET + ANTIBATTRIC PVC
  • Wallflex® + HPL panel

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General Applications

Wallflex® represents an excellent solution to those applications that need finishing features, washability and hygiene; it is used, for example, in the realization of sterile rooms for pharmaceutical and food industry and in the realization of completely washable departments and hospital rooms.

Wallflex® aluminum panel is used in hospital buildings for walls covering or walls realization, but also for the realization of floors and ceilings of hospital rooms, operating rooms and, in general, for the realization of all those environments that requires easily washable surfaces that do not promote the development of microorganisms and bacteria, smooth and scratch resistant.

Thanks to its different surface finishes, as well as to its lightness and strength, aluminum Wallflex® panel is very suitable for this kind of applications. The main and more suitable finishes for hospital field are solid surface coating or antibacterial film coating, specially designed for these environments.

Furthermore, for walls construction in hospital field, an alternative to aluminum Wallflex® panel is constituted by stainless steel panels, stiffened by a core of gypsum board, for also the stainless steel lends itself as an ideal surface for the healthcare environment, since it is easy to clean, scratch-resistant and does not favor the development of microorganisms.