Features of lightness and resistance makes structural Wallflex® panel suitable for the realization of interior finish products for special vehicles, autobus, caravan, industrial and technical vehicles.

Energy saving, lightweight construction and recyclability are features that are increasingly required to the automotive industry. With aluminum Wallflex® panel, these features can be implemented in the vehicles construction, included cars, special cars, buses and caravans.

Aluminum Wallflex® panel is ideal for the realization of surfaces that require rigidity coupled with low weight. Compared to aluminum solid, Wallflex® panel implies a weight reduction up to 80%, without alters features as resistance and rigidity.

Besides, aluminum Wallflex® panel is 100% recyclable without previous component separation, it is corrosion resistant and non combustible (MED certified).

Aluminum Wallflex® panel’s possible applications in automotive field are the following:

  • Realization of buses, caravans, trucks and special vehicles components (i.e. for ambulances)
  • Access systems (i.e. folding ramps, electric ramps, lifting equipments, …)