Wallflex® is an excellent solution for those applications that needs finishing characteristics, hygiene and cleanliness. It is used in sterile rooms for pharmaceutical and food industries and also for washable rooms and hospital rooms.

Aluminum Wallflex® panel can be used both as façade covering and as product for interior design, thanks to its flatness, dimension stability, rigidity and lightness.

The furnishing and contract industry can use aluminum Wallflex® panel to create all kind of furniture, tables, chairs, bookcases, boiserie, kitchens and furnishing accessories.

Features as lightness and strength make Wallflex® panel suitable for the realization of interior products for special vehicles, autobus, caravan, industrial and technical vehicles.

Its features of strength, resistance, lightness and non combustibility, aluminum structural Wallflex® panel is ideal for a wide range of applications in shipbuilding.

Flatness, lightness and structural strength are the features that make Wallflex® panel suitable for the realization of platforms and accessories for rail cars.

Resistance, finish quality and high workability make aluminum panel suitable for the realization of exhibition stands, from the structure to the exposition products.


Products’ quality is guaranteed by a constant revision of our suppliers’ reliability and by a continuous monitoring of the internal processes. Aluminum structural Wallflex panel is also non combustible MED certified.

Certificate validity:
B Module – 29/10/2020
D Module – 29/10/2018

On 12/08/2016 an Audit report as surveillance has been issued to 5W Srl and it declares absence of non conformities, observations and comments about the Wallflex product, in reference to B Module and D Module of MED certificate.



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